FedEx Driver Brings His Dogs With Him On His Delivery Route After Daycare Closes

In the face of the global pandemic, we’ve all had to make adjustments to our daily lives. Those of us who usually go to a gym must now find ways to fit in our workouts within the home. If we’re used to getting a coffee in the morning on our way to work, we’ve now become our own baristas on the commute to the couch. Even if we normally worked from home prior to the pandemic, we now have to find ways around sharing our space with our significant others who are also working from home. And, if any of us have kids then we have really had to make adjustments, like helping them stay on top of school work – it’s all about adapting to a new and bizarre normal.

But one FedEx delivery driver found himself in a bit of a bind when his dogs’ daycare closed down due to the lockdown restrictions, yet he still had to go to work as an essential worker. Doing what any responsible dog dad would do, Daniel Nava decided that instead of leaving his two dogs alone at home with no care, he’d bring them along with him.

Initially, Daniel did worry that his two dogs, Chorizo and Cocoa, would not enjoy riding around in his truck all day. However, he soon learned that he had nothing to fret about, as the two dogs thoroughly enjoyed the fact that they got to spend all day with their dad.

Prior to his pups tagging along, Daniel obviously cleared it with his supervisor. His boss was quite understanding of the situation and allowed Daniel to bring his dogs along with him. Daniel obviously followed “safety first” and brought along a little harness for the dogs so they would be able to ride in the seat beside him.

Chorizo and Cocoa were absolutely loving the attention that they were receiving from getting to ride around all day with Daniel.

Daniel shared with The Dodo, “They seem to enjoy their time on the route — sometimes we stop by at the local neighborhood parks and I let them run around for a little bit.”

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Enjoying a nice morning walk on the strand.

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Wanting to add to the professional look, Daniel decided to make his little “delivery assistants” dress up in their own FedEx uniforms! And the results were simply adorable. They looked so precious driving around in their little outfits.

It is definitely the kind of adorable that has everyone wishing that Daniel was on their FedEx route. But for those lucky enough to get to see the delivery dogs, enjoy it because their doggie daycare will reopen soon. But at least for now, they will be helping to deliver packages with Daniel.

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