After Being Abandoned By Her Mother, This Fawn Was Taken In By A Kind Stranger…

The unfortunate reality is, that in nature, if an animal is injured or born with an injury they are often left behind. Which is exactly what this mother doe did. To protect her life and the life of her other fawn, she left the injured sibling behind. Thankfully, Darius Sasnauskas saw the whole thing and captured the event on video. He immediately noticed that the abandoned fawn was walking weirdly due to something being wrong with her front right paw. He decided to take the fawn into his own home to help her heal. Darius even made a brace out of an old oatmeal box in order to set the fawn’s paw!

With the help of Darius and his other furry companions, this fawn was able to heal in a safe and loving environment. And after five days of recovery, the fawn was able to walk unaided. Darius then began to search for the fawn’s mother.

Darius’s heroic actions and compassion led to a very heartwarming and happy ending. The fawn was able to reunite with her mother and sibling, and live her life in the forest as she was meant to.

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