A Little Fawn Lost His Way Home and Found a Companion in a Loving German Shepherd

When a child gets separated from their parents in a public place, they have various options to find them. The kid could look around themselves or ask for a staff or security guard for help. Young animals also sometimes go through a sudden separation, but finding their way back home is difficult. No one is there to page their families, and they can’t easily approach other creatures, especially when predators are nearby. Sadly, it’s one of the root causes of why baby animals become orphans. They’re lucky enough if they get adopted. The wild is too huge for them — making it hard to survive independently.

Photo: Youtube/The Pet Needs

There are inspiring and beautiful stories that come out of this situation. Sometimes the animals also bridge species boundaries to become friends, like Iris the German Shepherd and the little fawn they found in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Iris is a canine police officer in training, and she was with her human dad that day. Adrian Flores took her out for a morning walk when suddenly they noticed that they were being followed. The baby deer seemed to be looking for help, and it found them. Thankfully, Adrian and Iris gave the deer attention because it was obviously stressed without its parent.

Photo: Youtube/The Pet Needs

Iris was the first one who approached the little fawn. She might have sensed that the deer was terrified of being alone. They instantly made a connection — the German shepherd immediately became a mom to the young animal. It was heartwarming to watch Iris offer comfort, and she even received kisses from the fawn. Cuddles eased the fear the little animal felt since he lost his mother. Iris and Adrian accompanied the deer for an hour while seeking help to find his way back. You’ll definitely gush and melt at the sight of two adorable animals getting along, which you can watch in the video below.

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