139 Animals Rescued From The “Farmyard Of Horrors” Are Now Getting A Second Chance At Life

The Brown County Humane Society has discovered what is being called a “farmyard of horrors.” 139 animals were rescued from horrifying living conditions on a farm in Ohio. The land owner claims he was raising the animals to feed his family, but rescue workers say the animals definitely weren’t healthy enough to eat.

The chickens were malnourished; many of the animals had coccidian, a parasite that thrives in dirty conditions. The water there was so dirty that it had the consistency of syrup. Sadly, many of the chicken’s wings had been clipped, and many of them died after falling into buckets of water.

This is a heartbreaking situation, but thank goodness these animals were saved and given a second chance. The land owner hasn’t been charged yet, but deputies are still investigating further.

Learn more about the story in the video below:

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