They Lost Their Daughters, Then Their Service Dog Ran Away. Days Later– A Miracle Happened!

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Jason and Carolyn Cooper were missing their service dog named Radar for days and were completely heart broken. Radar was more than just a service dog. He stayed by their daughters, Madeline and Sophia, as they suffered from a terminal genetic disorder. They moved to Kentucky with him to start a new life when their girls passed away. They feel as if Radar is a connection to their late daughters. “He’s one of the only souls who has the same memories and experience as we do,” Carolyn told LEX 18.

They were telling the story to Lex 18 News while their cameras were rolling. Jason miraculously spotted Radar from a half a mile away and began calling his name. He ran towards his canine best friend, climbing fences and jumping creeks. After four long days apart, they were finally able to have a sense of relief. They squeezed Radar so tight as he wagged his tail. This is the best Christmas gift the Coopers could have ever received!

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