This Family Is Reunited With Their Cat That Went Missing 14 Years Ago! Amazing!

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Imagine your furry best friend going missing. It’s something that none of us animal lovers ever want to think about. Now imagine it went missing and 14 years have gone by. Many of us would lose hope after just a couple, let alone over a decade! Well here is one story that teaches us that we should never lose faith! And also to always microchip our pets!

Jill’s family adopted their cat, Ralph, back in 1998 when he was just a kitten, and he wound up going missing three years later. Jill was just a little girl when her kitty went missing in 2001 and now, all grown up, she was finally reunited with him.

Her mother received a phone call regarding a cat that was found with a microchip that traced back to their family. Since so much time had passed, she didn’t even realize at first that it was Ralph. Suddenly it dawned on her, and her and Jill took a trip to the shelter to bring their long-lost cat back home where he belongs.

Jill says he perked right up when he saw her and definitely recognized her. I’m so happy that Ralph gets to spend the rest of his years back with his family!!

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