This Family’s Dog Was Missing For Months! Then, They Saw THIS On Their TV

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Earlier this year, Tania, a staff member from the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, which is featured on the show “Pit Bulls and Parolees,” rescued a dog, whom they named Sunflower, who was roaming the streets. She did not have a microchip so they didn’t know who she belonged to. Months later, the rescue center received a phone call that they never expected!

Believe it or not, Sunflower’s original owners just happened to be watching Pit Bulls and Parolees when the episode aired the was featuring their pup. They immediately contacted the center to let them know that Sunflower, whose real name is Tree, was theirs. The family’s house was broken into while they were moving, and when they came back to get more stuff, all of it was gone, including their beloved dog. It’s believed that the person who stole Tree dumped her on the road when they didn’t want her anymore. Thankfully, she is back with her family! Watch their heart-warming reunion below:

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