They Brought Home A Dying Shelter Puppy So She Could Pass Peacefully. Then Everything Changed…

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An American mother and her three daughters were volunteers at a shelter in Ankara, Turkey, that had 4,000 dogs. The upkeep of that many dogs was impossible and many of them were sick and dying. The family decided to bring home a litter of sick puppies who were suffering from distemper, so that they can pass in peace instead of at the shelter. But then, the unexpected happened!

Faith, the smallest puppy of the litter, pulled through and got stronger each day. She went from not even being able to walk, to now running around like a normal dog. Her past suffering has damaged her emotionally in some ways, but she is now fully grown and a very happy pup. And most importantly, she has a family who loves her very much! This family thought they were helping this dog by making her last few hours or days as comfortable as possible, but instead, they wound up with a healthy and happy furry best friend!

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