Eye of the Toyger

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Debuting around the same time as the one-hit wonder Survivor’s song, the breed of domesticated housecat known as the “Toyger” began its development in the 1980’s. The result generated a housecat with a coat bearing a striking resemblance to a tiger, accompanied by small rounded ears, white stomach and chest, and the distinguished black stripes.

Close to a small scale wild tiger, Toygers have a broad, defined muzzle and nose, which fit onto their oval-shaped head. Small round eyes set onto the face and can have a dark brown or hazel hue. With their medium-large build, the Toyger cat is remarkably lean and muscular, making them athletic and agile, unlike their larger feline brethren, who boast stockier builds.

The color markings of a Toyger resemble that of a tiger, sporting tan, brown or black coats. The darker the color, the more desirable the Toyger is to an enthusiast. Similarly, their coat may even be bright orange with darker stripes. The bellies of Toygers should be completely white to adhere to the strict color patterns of the breed. The length of a Toyger’s coat is generally short, while thicker around the jowls that gives the appearance of a ruff ­ ­– a uniform trait of a tiger in the wild.

Patterns of the stripes on a Toyger’s coat appear vertically on the body, while circular on the legs, and can even be spotted on the belly. Their paws and tip of the tail may also be dark in color.

Other than having aesthetic beauty, Toygers are not bred based on temperament or different genetic traits. Simply put, their nature is lenient towards a domestic cat rather than a wild tiger — with the benefits of beauty as opposed to a killer instinct.

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