This Exhausted Great Dane Is Just Trying To Nap…But His Persistent Puppy Brother Wants To Play!

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We all have those moments when your eyelids are so heavy after a long, exhausting day, that all you want to do is collapse on the couch and drift into dreamland. This Great Dane definitely knows that feeling and is just trying to catch some Zzz’s on the couch. But his puppy brother has other things in mind!

The Great Dane is so big that his paws and tail hang off the couch and the puppy takes full advantage of it. He sees his tail hanging in the air and starts to play with it, pawing at it and nibbling on it. Then one he gets bored of playing with the tail, he moves on to the Great Dane’s paws. I think at one point the puppy hits his tickle spot because he flinches and brings his paws up on the couch. This poor tolerant dog just wants to nap! I’m sure he’ll play with his puppy after he catches up on his rest.

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