Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The Entlebucher Mountain Dog has strong, muscular build and hard-working attributes. This breed had a place in history as a herder and drover dog with a tireless ability to get the job done.
This Swiss mountain dog has a short-hair coat which can be seen in tri-colors of black, white and brown. This breed enjoys a good amount of exercise due to its herding past. The Entlebucher Mountain Dog stands around 16 to 21 inches high at the shoulder.
The best family for the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is one which has the time to spend providing this breed with plenty of attention and exercise. This dog is loyal to the family and protective as well. He has quite a lot of energy and will be very active throughout the day. Grooming the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is not too tiresome a task. This breed has a short coat so occasional brushing and a bath now and again will keep the coat of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog looking great.
Training the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a wise idea to keep all of the extra energy under control. Since the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a working dog by nature, it is important to give him a job to do whenever possible. Keeping this breed busy will also keep him out of trouble as well.
The Entlebucher Mountain Dog is perfect for individuals who have the time to exercise every day and spend plenty of time with this breed. If you can devote a good amount of time to the care of your Entlebucher Mountain Dog, then this dog is the one for you.

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