English Toy Spaniel

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The English Toy Spaniel is a small dog with a big heart. This affectionate dog breed has long flowing fur and a great personality. There are four varieties of the English Toy Spaniel including Blenheim, Ruby, Prince Charles and King Charles.
Depending on the distinct variety of English Toy Spaniel, this dog breed may come in a variety of colors including mahogany red/white, mahogany red, white/black/tan and black/tan. This has always been mainly a companion dog and was a favorite of noble families back in the 17th-19th centuries. These dogs usually range in size from 8 to 14 pounds.
This dog is an all-around wonderful pet to have as he is gentle, even with children. The English Toy Spaniel is loving to all family members and will be by its family member’s side as much as possible. This is an intelligent breed which trains easily and is generally quite obedient. The English Toy Spaniel is at home in large houses as well as smaller apartments.
Although this is a small type of dog breed, the English Toy Spaniel still needs daily walks and exercise. This breed loves to play. Grooming the English Toy Spaniel may be a bit more time consuming as a result of his longer coat. However, since this type of dog is smaller in size, the overall time it takes to groom the English Toy Spaniel is not overly lengthy as a whole.
Whether you live in an apartment or a house, the English Toy Spaniel makes a wonderful companion dog. If you have children, your English Toy Spaniel will enjoy playing and having fun with the kids. This breed is one which is affectionate and kind to all who come in contact with it.

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