English Setter

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The English Setter has a long history as a bird dog. This breed has positive attributes such as grace, elegance and an affectionate nature. These days one will often see the English Setter in performance rings such as show, agility and obedience.
These dogs are beautiful to look at and usually have a lovely white coat with other markings mixed in with colors such as blue, orange, lemon, tricolor and liver. The English Setter is a larger breed of dog, usually standing around 24 to 25 inches high at the shoulder.
In addition to being a bird dog and a performance dog, the English Setter is also a great family dog. This breed adores being near family members and truly feels part of the family. If a family member is nearby, the English Setter is right there with them. This people dog does not like to be alone for long hours at a time.
This breed loves to get outside and get a good amount of exercise. With his long strides, it helps to have a large place for your English Setter to roam. With his feathered coat, the English Setter will need a bit more grooming attention than some other Setters. Frequent brushing and the occasional trimming will keep the fur of your English Setter looking nice and neat.
Whether you are searching for a bird dog for hunting purposes or simply want to add a Setter to your home, an English Setter is a great breed to choose. The English Setter will offer you loyal companionship and is a gentle as well. If you are looking for a larger dog breed and like Setters, you simply can’t go wrong with an English Setter.

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