English Foxhound

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The English Foxhound is known for being an excellent fox hunter as well as a superb companion. The foxhound hunts a wide array of game. With excellent senses and endurance, the English Foxhound usually gets his prey.
You will usually find the English Foxhound in the three colors of black, white and tan. The English Foxhound stands at a good size, approximately 24 inches when measured to his shoulder.
As a hunting dog, one may think that the English Foxhound will automatically listen to commands. However, this type of dog breed is a bit more stubborn than some other hunting dogs. With a mind of his own, it is always good to give the English Foxhound a great deal of training to ensure that this breed follows the commands each and every time.
Since English Foxhounds will usually run long distances when hunting, it is easy to understand that they will need plenty of daily exercise when in the home setting. Taking your English Foxhound to dog parks or going for long jogs will keep your dog content and healthy.
Because this breed has a short length coat, you don’t have to do too much when it comes to grooming your English Foxhound. Some occasional brushing and a bath here and there will keep the coat looking nice and help your dog maintain optimal health.
Even though this breed is often seen in a hunting capacity, you will still find that the English Foxhound makes a good pet as well. This dog will be faithful, loving and provide you with a nice canine companion. Just be sure to get your dog the proper training so that his stubborn tendencies can be kept in check.

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