Company In Japan Pays Their Employees For Every Cat They Rescue

In Japan, there is a company that allows cats to come into their office, but they take things a step further by paying employees for rescuing felines.

They love cats and they claim that the love of felines is associated with higher productivity and lower stress levels.

The IT company in Tokyo, Ferray Corporation, was a location where you could see rescue cats running the office often.

They had always placed a high value on their feline friends, so employees were encouraged to rescue and adopt cats. In fact, the company offered to pay a bonus every time they saved a cat.

Workaholism is a common issue in Tokyo, with people working long hours and not having the time to own a pet. Restrictions in many homes around Tokyo also make it difficult to own a cat.

Any kittens that are adopted by the employees can roam the office freely. They have become stress relievers for the employees.

There were nine office cats at the company at one time, each of which had a unique personality. The employees could tell that having the cats at the office impacted productivity and morale in a positive way.

Employees were welcomed to bring their pets in. Many companies have a “bring your pet to work day,” but for this company, every day was that day!

They also offered the equivalent of $45 as a “cat bonus” if somebody rescued a cat in need.

Communication at the office has improved drastically and the kittens help to build a team environment and reduce stress. Cat supervisors were on hand to oversee any meetings.

The boss at Ferray, Hidenobu Fukuda, had said that they look for a love of felines in any new employee.

Here’s a cat that seems to have taken over the conference room.

Companies across Japan are following suit and permitting employees to bring their animals to work to help alleviate stress.

Here is a cat helping with the projector.

The cats even relieve stress among themselves.

Working long hours can be stressful, but having a feline around lets you know when it is time to take a break.

The cats help build up a positive atmosphere. That includes the office cats in this picture, helping the employee while she is working.

The best part is getting a nice hug at the end of a long day.

There’s always time for a play break.

A cat helps teach employees about working as a team.

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