If This Emotional Shelter Dog Video Doesn’t Tug At Your Heart Strings, I Don’t Know What Will!

The staff at Maryland SPCA put together a campaign video to promote pet adoptions and it wound up going viral. Capturing the hearts of millions, it’s a perfect example of why you should adopt a shelter dog instead of buying a puppy. Watch the video and try not to tear up, I dare you!! The video shows a little Beagle, named Suzie, who has been living her days in a shelter. People come in to adopt a dog and walk by her cage and she is sitting there, sad and hoping to be picked. The little girl sees her and then puts her hand up against the glass. Suzie does the same with her paw. At the end of the video, you see the little girl snuggling with Suzie in her bed at home.

Although that was just for campaign purposes, Suzie the Beagle really did wind up being adopted by a different family. She now lives with a family with twins and reportedly enjoys an early breakfast and naps in the sun while her little humans are at school. Suzie was adopted two days after the video was filmed, long before it even aired. I am so glad that Suzie found her furever home, but there are still millions of dogs living in shelters like Suzie once was. Visit your local shelters to help save a pup…adopt don’t shop!!

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