Her Parents Wrote Her A Poem, But It’s What Happens At The End Of The Poem That Is Heart Melting!

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As a kid, all I ever wanted was a puppy. Thankfully, my parents loved animals so we adopted two dogs and two cats throughout my childhood. However, when your parents finally agree to let you adopt your very first pet, well let’s just say extreme happiness doesn’t even cover the way it feels. Just ask Emma, clearly she knows what I’m talking about!

All little Emma has ever wanted since she was three was a puppy and it looks like the day is finally here! She, however, is the last to know. As she reads the rhyming note her parents gave her, she discovers today is the day she gets the puppy of her dreams! When she finally gets to the end of the note, her reaction is priceless! She goes from cautious happiness, to disbelief, to eventual tears of overwhelming joy! It looks like she is going to love this puppy with all her heart!! Congrats, Emma, on your new pup, Winnie!

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