Woman Offers A $7K Reward And Hires A Plane To Search For Her Stolen Dog

As pet owners I think we can all agree that if one of our pets was stolen we would do everything in our power to get them back, right? Well, that is exactly what one woman from San Francisco is doing by offering a $7,000 reward as well as hiring a plane to fly across the city in search of her beloved blue-eyed miniature Australian Shepherd. The dog was stolen from outside a grocery store last weekend.

The plane is going to cost her an additional $1,200 but will be featuring a banner with the website she set up to find her dog, Jackson. Jackson was stolen from just outside a Bernal Heights neighborhood grocery store.

Emilie Talermo has stated that she’s been doing everything she can in order to locate her 5-year-old dog.

“I am just one person and I really need help getting the word out there,” Talermo said.

Surveillance footage from the grocery store cameras have revealed a man wearing a hoodie who approaches the bench that has Jackson tied up.

Talermo and her friends have already been distributing thousands of flyers that have a picture of the 28-pound Jackson who also has a white, black, and gray speckled coat and bright blue eyes.

Talermo has established the www.bringjacksonhome.com website where she’s offering a $7,000 “no questions asked” reward for his safe return. She has even started a Tinder account for the sweet-faced dog.

“He’s always with me. It’s a very real love,” Talermo said. “I just need help finding him.”

Talermo had a plane with the search website address on it circle over San Francisco and Oakland for two hours Friday. The plane was set to fly Thursday but rescheduled due to weather.

To finance her search, Talermo started a GoFundMe, where she has raised more than $7,000. She plans to donate any extra money to the Rocket Dog Rescue.

Talermo got 5-year-old Jackson in New York before they moved to Los Angeles and eventually up to San Francisco.

“Those people I’ve met throughout the years know my love for this dog. I’m just blown away by everyone’s support,” she said.

Hopefully, she’ll find Jackson soon.

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