Over 1,000 Emergency Foster Care Kits For Shelter Pets Are Out For Delivery Across The Country

Shelter pets nationwide are in loving foster homes with full bellies and toys to play with, thanks to generous people like you.

Animal shelters asked people to step up and foster at the beginning of the pandemic and thousands jumped at the opportunity to care and love a homeless dog or cat. Sadly, as the virus spread and more people lost their jobs, shelters were once again in need of foster families.

In addition, shelters are entering their busiest season, kitten and puppy season. As many rescues prepare for an influx in homeless animals, they are having to limit intakes.


GreaterGood.org and The Animal Rescue Site fans are making sure that no shelter pet goes hungry. Thanks to your generous donations, thousands of shelter pets are being fed nutritious food as they wait for their forever homes. Your donations are providing food to pet food pantries that help families that have lost their jobs and cannot afford food for their beloved pets.


Pet food pantries allow dogs and cats to stay in loving homes when times are tough. However, your generosity did not stop there.

In order to encourage more people to foster, shelters try to provide all the essential items to care for the dog or cat. Many shelters are in desperate need of supplies and that is where Emergency Foster Care Kits come in.


Dog Foster Emergency Care Kits include a collar, leash, food & water dishes, waste bags, dog toy, treats and a donation to provide food for pups in need.

Cat Foster Emergency Care Kits include a collar, food & water dishes, litter box & scoop, a cat toy, treats, along with a donation to provide food for kitties in need.


Thanks to The Animal Rescue Site Fans, over 1,000 Emergency Foster Care Kits have been shipped to shelters around the country. Stephanie, a Foster Coordinator with the Humane Society of West Michigan, said upon receiving the kits, “WOW! Thank you so much for allowing our foster and shelter pets this amazing opportunity!”


Pet caregivers on the Wag! platform are providing contactless deliveries of the emergency kits and the foster pet. They are working with local shelters to safely transport the foster pet in a carrier and deliver them along with supplies to the front porches of foster families, which are patiently waiting inside.

All of these kind acts are helping people #StayHomeAndFoster, an initiative started by GreaterGood.org.


People are stressed out due to the global pandemic and the best solution is to snuggle a dog or cat. Dogs and cats are the perfect quarantine buddies, so if you are able – foster or adopt!

Check out the video below to see how your donations are helping shelter pets in need. We couldn’t do this without your help, so thank you!

Sponsoring a foster pet’s care in this drastic time of need is an extremely paw-sitive way to show your love for cats and dogs!

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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