Elephant Who Lost Her Leg In A Landmine Explosion Gets A Prosthetic Leg. Would You Look At Her Face!

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Mosha the elephant lost her right foreleg in a landmine explosion when she was just seven months old. Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital, a rescue center in Thailand, fortunately saved her life. She has been getting prosthetic legs since 2008, a couple years after she was rescued, but because of her increasing size, she needs a new leg every few years.

Asian elephants eat up to 330 pounds of vegetation a day. (Yes, really!) So she has clearly grown much larger since the incident happened. Because of this, she has finally got an upgrade on her prosthetic leg. In this video, you can see Mosha getting her new leg put on. It helps her out so much and she is now able to walk with ease again! I’m so glad that Mosha has these kind-hearted humans to take care of her!

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