This One-Hour-Old Baby Elephant Has Trouble Walking, So Her Family Rushes To Her Side To Help

Although this baby elephant is pretty big in size, she’s only one-hour old! She’s following her family through the trees, but she’s new at this walking thing! When she gets to a patch of uneven dirt, she stumbles a little bit and falls over down the little dirt hill.

Her family rushes over to her side and uses their trunks to lift her up. She is still wobbly on her feet, but the more she walks, the better she’ll get at it; practice makes perfect! This video just shows how smart and loving elephants really are!

This is not the first time we’ve seen an elephant helping out another one. When this baby elephant, named Dok Rak, was born, his herd helped guide the baby with their trunks to get to his mother’s milk for the first time! Elephants are amazing creatures!

Watch the one-hour old elephant in the video below:

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