This Elephant Absolutely Cannot Get Enough Of The Sprinkler. Just Wait Until 1:39!

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It always makes me happy to see animals happy, and this elephant is definitely in total bliss! Faa Sai, an elephant at Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, totally enjoys playing in the sprinkler. It’s definitely a fun and smart way to cool off during warm weather!

She’s standing in the sprinkler and splashing the water around with her trunk. But she wants more water and more and more and more! She stands on the sprinkler head, forcing the water to keep spraying out in different directions. And she absolutely loves it! She spins in all directions while standing over it to make sure the water gets every inch of her giant body! Eventually, she rips the sprinkler head right out of the ground with her trunk, causing the water to burst out like a fountain. Silly elephant!

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