Genius Parrot Shows Off Her Impressive Vocabulary Skills On Her 30th Birthday

Einstein, an African grey parrot who resides at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee, showed off her impressive vocabulary skills on her 30th birthday. The intelligent parrot has a vocabulary of more than 200 words and sounds and can perform them on command without hesitation.

The zookeeper starts out by asking Einstein to say hello, then asks her to say it more politely, in which she responds, “hi sweetheart.” In the video below, she blows kisses, pretends to fall down and says ow, cries like a baby, and knows many different animal sounds. Among the animals are a red wolf, an owl, a horse, a rooster, song birds, and a pig.

African Greys are known for their superior cognitive abilities to talk and imitate sounds they hear, but few are able to learn as many as Einstein does or are able to say them on cue. Einstein’s trainer, Stephanie White, uses sunflower seeds as a reward to train him, and works with him frequently. It takes him just a week and a half to make a sound on cue.

Einstein is well-known around the country, and became famous when she won a performance on the Animal Planet game show “Pet Star.” She was donated to the zoo in 1992 and is part of an outreach program that helps visitors about the natural world.

It’s amazing how smart these birds can be. You won’t really believe it until you hear it for yourself. Watch her in the video below:

Watch the full version of the video below:

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