Einstein The Parrot Has A Vocabulary Of More Than 200 Words. When He Said THIS? I Was In Awe!

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Einstein the African Grey Parrot is one intelligent bird! She has a vocabulary of more than 200 words and sounds and can perform half on cue. She became famous when she won a performance on the Animal Planet game show Pet Star. She is part of the Knoxville Zoo’s outreach program and helps educate visitors about the natural world.

Watch her on TEDTalks back in 2006 with her trainer, Stephanie White. Stephanie makes a long speech and keeps putting the microphone up to Einstein so she can add to it. From introducing herself, to imitating spaceships, to dancing, this bird does it all! You have to see it to believe it. It’s nearly six minutes long but it’s worth the watch. It’s amazing how she memorizes so many words and sounds and can do them all on command. I’m absolutely in awe!!

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