One Has To Think Big, Always! Meet The World’s Smallest Horse…OMG There Is NOTHING This Cute, Hands Down (or barely a hand…lol)

“You have to think big” is a fantastic adage, one that applies your entire life. We might not realize it, but the same applies to animals as well! We constantly see stories of them overcoming absolutely incredible odds, from horrible abuse, being lost for months, or being born with a possibly life-threatening illness or deformity, we see them overcome almost everything! This is just one more amazing story to prove how big dreams can change a life.

This might surprise you, but this is not a dog! Sure, he could definitely be considered the size of a dog, but he is so much cuter than that! I just couldn’t resist with this video! Einstein, born at just 6 lbs, is the sweetest little colt you will ever meet. LOOK AT HIM!!! There are no words… (melting!)

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