Eggbert, the Cat with a Missing Eye and Nostril, Finds His Forever Home!

Eggbert the cat was born with a missing left eye and nostril.

But his first human family did their best to give him a good life. He grew up until two years old in their care, and their main concern about his health was Eggbert’s occasional seizures. When their ability to care for him and his health problems became too taxing, they entrusted Eggbert to Fairfield Area Humane Society (FAHS), a pet adoption service in Lancaster, Ohio. They gave him up with a heavy heart but believed he would benefit from it.

FAHS was happy to welcome Eggbert, who proves to be “an absolute angel of a kitty,” according to staff members. He loves following people around like a cute, faithful sentinel. And a playful sentinel he is, with his love of head-butting. Another thing that makes Eggbert’s day is having someone scratch his chin affectionately. Eggbert’s loud snores are a warning to whoever wants to disturb his sleep.

Now, Eggbert has more affectionate chin scratches to look forward to! And a playmate who also came from FAHS. The staff members are delighted for Eggbert, who deserves a loving family that is also willing to provide for his medical needs.

Eggbert has not suffered any seizures since his stay at the animal shelter. But he must still be closely monitored by his new family for any signs of a change in his medical condition. His veterinarian has also recommended regular medication and blood tests to ensure a healthy life for Eggbert despite his physical disabilities.

“He couldn’t have found a better home! He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten. Thank you for choosing adoption again,” FAHS posted on their Facebook page.

Enjoy more adventures and loving care in your forever home, Eggbert!

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