A Woman Visited This Chained Up Dog Every Day. 9 Years Later, Look Where The Pup Ended Up!

Jessica Cochran, field operations manager of Community Animal Project, met a dog, named Edith, in 2007 when she spotted her chained to a barrel in a dirt patch. Over the years, Jessica always visited Edith. She got her a dog house, treats, fresh food, clean water, and toys. Edith also craved affection, and Jessica gave her plenty of it.

One day, Edith wasn’t in her usual spot and had been moved. Jessica was so worried but could not find her. Thankfully, two years later, PETA found Edith. When Jessica went to see her, Edith was excited and flopped over for a belly rub; Jessica knew Edith remembered her. In March of 2016, Edith’s “owners” gave her to PETA because they were moving. So of course Jessica didn’t hesitate to adopt her! Watch her story below:

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