This Photographer Is Being Called A Hero After His Daring Rescue Of An Eagle Trapped In Thick Mud

It was a dramatic rescue unfolding in the peculiar tranquility of the mud flats in Poland. Nature photographer, Krzysztof Chomicz was working with a larger zoom lens, when he noticed something in the distance. Zooming in, he discovered an eagle was stuck in the thick mud. The more it struggled in the mud, the more the eagle became stuck. He watched as the eagle became more and more exhausted and knew if it didn’t get rescued, it would die.

Despite the bird being hundreds of feet away, Chomicz knew he couldn’t leave the eagle in the mud. He called the local fire department and asked them to bring a rope, an extremely long rope. When the rope arrived, Chomica went from a photographing nature to saving it.

ABC7 shared the footage of the ordeal shot overhead by a drone. You have to check out the rescue that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Chomicz fought his way through the thick mud all the way to the stuck bird. As a wild eagle, the bird attempted to attack his rescuer. However, Chomicz ignored the bird’s sharp beak and arrived safely back to shore.

The eagle was taken to an animal rescue center, where the staff discovered the eagle was extremely young and had most likely gotten stuck on his very first flight out of the nest!

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