A Baby Eagle Was Stuck In Thick Mud, So This Photographer Crawled Out To Save Him

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A baby eagle was stuck in a thick mud bank and was unable to flap his wings to escape it. Thankfully, a nature photographer who was nearby, noticed the eagle struggling and knew he had to rescue him.

He crawled out in the mud bank until he reached the bird. The mud was extremely tough to get through, but the photographer refused to give up. When he finally got to the eagle, the eagle was visibly scared, but he grabbed him out of the mud and waited for local firefighters to pull them back out to dry land.

The eagle was then washed off and treated. They cared for him and fed him food. They named him Icarus and estimated him to be around six months old. It’s unknown exactly how he got stuck in the mud, but rescuers suspect he was trying to fly for the first time.

Icarus is now being cared for at an animal sanctuary until he’s ready to be released back into the wild. If it weren’t for that photographer crawling into the mud to save him, that baby eagle would have wound up dying out there.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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