Watch Out for the Bald Eagle that Might Prey on Your Pets

Warning: This content may be disturbing to some viewers.

In Two Harbors, Minnesota, a woman caught a bald eagle mercilessly flying away with a cat. Unfortunately, bald eagles are preying on animals, whether domesticated or from the wild. These bald eagles will prepare their talons to swiftly grab dinner if they see a potential meal. The house cat on the video was not the only victim that reached the internet or news outlets.

Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

According to the woman who took the video, “My dog, Keisha, and I were driving around taking pictures of wildlife when I saw this eagle sitting on the ground. He was arguing with two blackbirds. I decided to take a picture of him. This would be the first picture of an eagle that I take.

“As I started driving closer to him, he wasn’t moving. So I decided to take a video of him. I thought him taking off in flight would make a great video. I was shocked. Did not see that coming.

“My dog and I just sat there like, what did we just see?”

Photo: Youtube/ViralHog

Everything happened so fast that the witness couldn’t even react immediately. The woman recorded the video of the eagle sitting in the park, as it was a rare scenario, only to find out that this bald eagle is bigger than it seems and can carry a regular-sized cat. It flew with its massive wings with the cat in its sharp talons. Realistically speaking, prey and predator relationships are normal for animals, but this kind of sight is still a bit bothersome, especially to the cat’s owner.

May this serve as a reminder to keep an eye on your pets or never let them out for too long. Be careful, especially when you hear of sightings of bald eagles in your area.

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