Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, & Other Stars Advocate For Senior Pets

Carol Burnett, Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner, and Lily Tomlin have now joined together to advocate for senior pets. They were featured in a new PSA for The Grey Muzzle Organization, which helps senior pets find homes. Many people overlook senior pets because of their age and, oftentimes, the disabilities they have. But every pet deserves a loving home, no matter their age!

The actors came together to talk about their experience being seniors. Lily joked that “the best thing was getting into the movies cheaper,” while Bob said, “I’m 90, but I still feel like I am 30…except when I try to run.”

Comedic icons come together for a PSA on senior pets

Bob also said that “growing old is not a death sentence,” because, for many senior dogs, it is. Many old dogs are given to shelters because their owner passed away and the family can’t take the pet, or they can no longer afford their care. Often, senior dogs may need medication, surgery, or other help to keep them alive. But when these animals wind up at shelters, they’re often euthanized because no one wants to adopt them.

The Grey Muzzle Organization was founded to help provide grants to animal rescue shelters that provide care for older pets. Because of these grants, shelters are able to care for more senior pets, and, in turn, hopefully, find them a new home.

Click here to learn more about The Grey Muzzle Organization after you watch the PSA below:

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Lauren Novak.

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