Texas Couple Brings 2,000 Lb. Steer Into Petco To See If All Pets Are Really Welcome

If you’ve ever been to a Petco, you have probably seen the sign that states, “All leashed pets are welcome!” outside the doors. Their store policy allows all pets on a leash, not just friendly dogs. Many people have tested this policy by bringing in unusual pets, but this one might be the biggest test of all!

One Texas couple, Vincent Browning and Shelly Lumpkin, decided to see if all pets really were welcome. Their pet is a 2,000-pound African Watusi steer. His name is Oliver. He is very friendly and trained, but the couple didn’t actually think Petco would let Oliver inside, even on a leash.

Will Oliver’s horns even fit through the front door of Petco?

The couple took photos and videos of the Petco visit with Oliver. He has insanely huge horns, at about 5 feet long, so it was a struggle to actually get Oliver inside. The Petco staff and other customers were shocked when they saw this giant steer walking in!

Vincent and Shelly were pretty nervous about how the employees would react, but they were very welcoming to Oliver! Once they realized how friendly he was, they were just as friendly back and welcomed the couple and Oliver right in.

This must have been a treat for the Petco staff, who are used to only seeing smaller pets.

Vincent and Shelly shared a video and photos on Facebook and wrote, “We decided to take a chance and call Petco’s bluff on the ‘ALL LEASHED PETS ARE WELCOME’ policy. The awesome crew at Petco – Atascocita did not disappoint!! They welcomed Oliver the African Watusi with open arms. The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location…our favorite Petco BY FAR!!”

Oliver travels around Texas with the couple to make appearances at parades and rodeos. He is so famous that he even has his own Facebook page! You can also hire him to come to your next party. This just goes to show that Petco is really serious about their “all leashed pets welcome” policy. Do you have a unique animal that you could bring into Petco?

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Check out the video of the excited staff meeting Oliver for the first time at Petco:

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