22 Absolutely Adorable Before And After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up

Pets are family members. As they grow and age, you fall more in love with them. Each day you get to learn more about your pet’s unique personality—what makes them tick, what can they NOT be trusted with, and their favorite way to cuddle.

Just like people, animals age and grow, turning into grown-ups with the same glitter in their eye that they had as a baby. Even if there is a 100+ pound difference, you can always see the resemblance. This is why before and after pictures of animals growing up are so much fun!

Animals grow at such a rapid pace that if you don’t document the changes, they will be full-fledged grown-ups before you can say, “Who let the dogs grow up?”

You grow and learn right alongside your pets, so you might have been a completely different person the day you and your pet became family compared to now. The same is true for animals; as they get to know you and their environment, they learn and change too. Always retaining that amazingly lovable quality, of course.

These 22 before and after pictures of animals prove that no matter how big or small your furry friends are, they are always 100% adorable!

1. It only took 1 year for this cat to explode in size. Despite her newly obtained weight, she still prefers to remain perched on her owner’s shoulder.

2. This kitty thinks her toy is getting smaller and smaller—really, she just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

3. This precious little rescue kitty cat has aged 5 months—she’s just delighted she can still fit in the camera bag!

4. Both canine and human have aged 10 years between these photos.

5. Never too big to pile on top of one another—although the dog on bottom notices a big weight change over the last 3 months!

6. These photos were taken 14 years apart, representing over a decade of incredible friendship.

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