Miniature Pony Will Melt Your Heart

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Not all miniature horses are meant to be that small. Just like humans, dwarfism is a very real condition in horses. Although rare, it is a serious condition that leads to far too many foals being put down due to being “broken,” regardless of the severity. It takes a very special person to be willing to step in and help care for any animal with a health issue, especially one so sever and long lasting. Thankfully, not everyone is willing to give up!

Born with dwarfism, Shammy the miniature pony faces health concerns and more than likely a shortened life span due to his condition. But that doesn’t stop this charming mini from brightening the day of every last person he meets–and fellow animals, too. Watch as his owner explains the special magic that Shammy brings to the world. You’ll be glad you did.

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