During a wellness visit, what types of health and vaccine protocols are most common for an infant kitten?

If you have an infant kitten, chances are she has been abandoned by her mother before being properly weaned. One of the first things you should do is warm the kitten immediately. Some veterinary clinics have special incubators. The kitten should also have a general veterinary check up. Any cat younger than 10 weeks old is too young for vaccinations, but during the physical exam, your veterinarian will check for dehydration and any other health problems that would require extra care. You should also schedule follow-up appointments for routine medications and vaccines.

Young, motherless kittens depend on you for their care and nourishment. Kittens rely on their mothers for milk, basic litter training and socialization – roles you may need to take over.
You might need to give her milk replacement formula, available at veterinary clinics. Buy a pet nursing kit and kitten formula. Sterilize and feed every few hours, gradually increasing the time as the kitten grows older. Burp the kitten just like you would a human baby by holding her to your shoulder and gently patting her back.
If the kitten is under four weeks old, be prepared for frequent feedings. Human baby food can be gradually added to help build her strength. Please consult your veterinarian for the right types and amounts of human baby food to feed your young kitten.

As the kitten gets older, feed her an approved kitten food that contains high levels of protein and fat , ingredients necessary for their rapidly growing bodies. Kittens shouldn’t be fed table scraps or adult cat food or dog food. All cats of all ages need a nutrient called taurine, found in quality commercial cat food.

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