During a wellness visit, what types of health and vaccine protocols are most common for a young kitten?

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Kittens fare best when taken to the veterinary clinic at specified times for vaccinations and deworming as well as a physical checkup. The first round of vaccines and deworming begins when the kitten is 10 weeks old. The next round occurs when the kitten is about 15 weeks old and then again when she turns one year old.

By 10 weeks old, most kittens are completely weaned. Work with your veterinarian on selecting the vaccines best for your kitten’s specific needs. At home, here is a rundown of five vital ways you can properly care for your fast-growing kitten:

• Provide a 10-week-old kitten with a warm bed to sleep in. Place the bed in a warm room. Kittens sleep in short spurts, with periods of rest and activity during the day and night.
• Feed a mixture of canned and dry kitten food . Follow label instructions for daily portions. Provide up to four daily feedings and always have a bowl of fresh water available. Cats aren’t big water drinkers and kittens, especially, can get dehydrated, so if yours isn’t drinking, maybe try one of those gravity fountains to entice her—cats are fascinated by rippling water.
• Exercise is good and alleviates boredom. Play with your kitten using cat toys, such as feathers on long sticks and stuffed animals. Provide her with balls and toys she can also play with alone. Don’t play rough with your cat, but strive to tire her out so she will be more apt to sleep at night and not wake you up.
• Trim the kitten’s nails with a nail clipper. Wrap her snugly in a bath towel. Then press the paw pad and clip each nail tip off, avoiding the quick at the base of the nail.
• Teach your kitten to use a scratching post. Place a cat scratching post in an area where the kitten plays the most. Encourage her to climb and scratch on the post instead of your furniture.

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