During a wellness visit, what types of health and vaccine protocols are most common for a senior cat?

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Many cats begin to encounter age-related physical changes between seven and 10 years of age. By age seven or eight, your cat is considered to be a senior.

During the wellness visit, your veterinarian will pay close attention to:
• Internal organs: Often, older cats will have respiratory problems and can develop feline asthma. Changes in water intake, bathroom habits, weight gain or loss and appetite changes could all be linked to health issues within a cat’s internal organs.
• Nutritional needs: A cat’s metabolism starts to slow down as they age. This will result in a higher ratio of muscle to body fat. Fortunately, there are quality commercial canned and dry foods cater that cater to the nutritional needs of older cats.
• Teeth cleanings: Oral health issues like gingivitis and tartar can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, infection and even death in older cats.
• Vision: Some cats may only experience small changes which may not be noticed by their owners. Others may have blurred vision or total loss of sight. Your veterinarian can perform an eye exam to detect any signs of glaucoma or cataracts and prescribe medications.
• Arthritis: Pain in the limbs may be a sign of osteosarcoma or arthritis. Limping or lumps on the legs may be indicative of a physical change or problem. Veterinarians can prescribe medications to treat problems affecting the limbs and the pain associated with arthritis.
• Exterior Appearance: As cats age, the fur becomes much less soft and lackluster. Hair loss will occur more than usual as a cat becomes older. This may be accompanied by a cat’s change in grooming behaviors, which could be a sign that there are significant health problems and pain. If you notice your cat focusing its grooming on one specific area of her body, it may be that she is trying to heal the source of pain and should be seen by your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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