Having To Eat Food Like THIS Doesn’t Slow Duncan Down At All!

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This adorable puppy, named Duncan, was diagnosed with a congenital medical condition known as canine megaesophagus. This condition makes the esophagus become swollen and the muscles in the throat aren’t strong enough to push down food. But despite this condition, his caregivers at Best Friends Animal Society haven’t given up on him.

They use a special chair that he eats in to help him swallow his food. The chair looks very similar to a child’s highchair. Since he stands upright in it, gravity helps him eat and swallow the food. Oftentimes, special needs dogs are overlooked at shelters because of their disabilities, but what people need to realize is these dogs are just like all the others. Despite Duncan’s condition, he still loves to run around, play and snuggle like a normal dog!

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