Marine Found Dying Dog Tied To A Dumpster, Then Took Her Home To Show Her What Life Should Be Like

U.S. Marine Jaryd Horsley was coming home from work one day when he discovered something horrifying: a young, starving pit bull tied to a dumpster outside his apartment in the Talmadge area of San Diego, California.

The poor dog had a leash wrapped so tightly around her neck that she couldn’t even sit down. Seeing this broke Horsley’s heart, and he knew he had to do something to help right away.

“Waiting for the trash to come pick her up, that’s what it seemed like. It’s rough. Who would do this to an innocent puppy?” Horsley told ABC 10 News.

But not only did Horsley rescue this poor pup, he and his fiancé adopted her! They named the eight-month-old pit bull Phoebe, and took her to the vet to be examined.

It turns out that she had a bad skin infection, and a life-threatening heart murmur that would have killed her within a year if it was left untreated.

Thankfully, Horsley rescued her and gave her a second chance at life! Watch their story in the video below:

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