The Scientists On Board The E/V Nautilus Research Vessel Find Another Adorable Sea Creature!

The E/V Nautilus is a research vessel that scours the sea for new discoveries. Their underwater cameras broadcast footage 24/7 on their website. This means that you can view along with the crew and when they find some pretty amazing stuff, so can you! For instance, remember when we told you about the googly-eyed squid they found?

Well the Nautilus crew is back with another adorable sea creature! Check out this shy little octopus they came across off the coast of Central California.

This seemingly shy octopus is known as a dumbo octopus because of its floppy ear flaps. Hunted by sharks and whales, this species of octopus mainly stays in the deep depths of the sea to steer clear of these predators. Oh, and this creature may look cute, but their tentacles are equipped with a barb-like hook to hold onto prey.

You can follow along with all of the Nautilus’ crew’s adventures on their website. The scientists are gearing up for their next mission to map shipwrecks in the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary!

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