Bulldog Could Barely Open His Eyes. Now, He’s Opening Everyone’s Eyes At His Stunning Recovery

“Dude” is an American Bulldog who may not have the greatest vision, but he has a gigantic heart. Dude was brought into Vet Ranch with a medical condition called entropion, which means his eyelids fold inward instead of outward. Entropion is very common among American Bulldogs, but it is very uncomfortable because the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea and irritate it. However, it is nothing that Dr. Matt at Vet Ranch can’t handle!

Credit: Vet Ranch

Credit: Vet Ranch

The vets thought he might need eye revision surgery down the road as well, but hours after the surgery, Dude was back to his rambunctious and energetic ways! He actually was so hyper that he accidentally ran into a fence, but Dr. Matt says that wasn’t an issue and his stitches are still healing perfectly. Dr. Matt and his staff were able to see his eyes when they kneeled down to his level, which is something they couldn’t say before the surgery. When he got to Vet Ranch, the dog could barely see two feet in front of him and it didn’t look like he wanted to open his eyes at all. Now, he’s as happy as he can be because he’s heading to his forever home! A family heard about Dude and immediately jumped at the chance to adopt him. Congrats to Dude and Vet Ranch for making this miraculous transformation happen!

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