Police Rescue 8 Baby Ducks From Storm Drain While Their Worried Mama Watches Nearby

Regardless of the species, human or animals, mothers always worry about their children. And if something bad happens to them, it could be extremely traumatizing.

Eight tiny ducklings found themselves in a very scary situation when they ended up trapped in a storm drain in Washington D.C. They were unable to get out on their own, and frantically cried for help.

The local fire and police departments showed up at the scene to help them. While the officials pulled the babies out of the grate to safety one-by-one using a makeshift net, their mother watched anxiously from afar. You could tell that their mama was very worried about them.

Once all of the ducklings were out of the drain, an official released them onto the grass so that they could be back with their mom. The mom was beyond thrilled to have all of her babies back safe and unharmed, and they all marched off together as one big happy family.

A big thank you to the D.C. police and firefighters who helped save eight lives! If it weren’t for them, these babies may not have made it out alive! Watch their rescue in the video below, as well as the adorable reunion of mama duck and her adorable little babies.

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