This Rescue Duck Constantly Bites His Caretaker’s Feet. The Reason Why? Too Cute!

Three years ago, this duck, named Bruce, was rescued from a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn. While he was at the slaughterhouse, he was living in poor conditions and they also severed part of his beak. Luckily, he escaped that horrible fate and wound up living with an elderly woman. Now, he is safe and resides at Catskill Animal Sanctuary in Saugerties, New York.

But Bruce is not your ordinary duck. He is very affectionate and, believe it or not, loves getting cuddled! He asks for your attention in the funniest way. When he wants to be held, he bites at your legs repeatedly until you pick him up. Then once he is in your arms, he stops biting and just enjoys being pet and cuddled!

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