These Ducks Were Rescued From Slaughter. Now They’re Free And Will Always Have Each Other!

These two duck friends, Matisse and Monet, were rescued from a foie gras farm in 2012. Their story is somewhat unknown, since an anonymous rescuer left them at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York one night.


These ducks are Moulards, a breed used by producers of foie gras. Foie gras is created by force-feeding ducks large quantities of corn and fat over the course of two to three weeks, swelling the birds’ liver to ten times their normal size. This makes walking and breathing difficult for the birds, and then sadly, they are slaughtered.


Although Matisse and Monet were young, they had already been subjected to this abuse. When they arrived at the sanctuary, they both had sores on their bills from the feeding pipe, and had many cuts, scrapes, and broken feathers on their bodies from spending their lives in cramped cages.


The staff at Farm Sanctuary will never forget the moment Matisse seemed to finally realize he was safe. “At the end of Matisse’s exam, he stood on the scale and flapped his wings – likely for the first time ever,” Farm Sanctuary wrote. “Although his feathers were broken and his wings were in rough shape, he seemed so proud at that moment.”


The two birds were terrified when they first got to Farm Sanctuary, and did not want anyone near them. Although warming up to humans again will take some time, and they may never even fully trust them, they will still always have each other.


Watch them in the video below:

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