He Thought It Was Just Garbage On The Cardboard. But When The Sun Comes Up, Woah!

A stray dog, who happens to look like a mop, was lying all alone at night in a parking lot. After the sun came up, he went for a walk around the neighborhood. He saw normal looking dogs walking by on leashes with their human, and then he saw real mops in the windows of stores.

Then he saw a man who was loading a Dr. Pepper truck and decided to follow him. After looking at the dog, he invited him into his truck. He got to ride in the passenger seat, feeling the fresh breeze against his face. The man drove him to the local animal shelter, but never wound up going inside. He drove away with him and decided to keep him! Just because he looks different than other dogs, doesn’t mean he is any less of a dog. And that’s what’s most important: always be true to yourself!

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