Photographer Takes 1980’s-Style Double Exposure Portraits Of Pets With Their Owners

If you lived through the 80s as a high school student, chances are your parents have some double exposure portraits that were popular back in the day. And most of us know that those did not age well at all. To call the style “cringe-worthy” would be a pretty accurate description. While most of us would probably want to hide the embarrassing double exposure pictures from high school, there are others that are making the style somewhat of a comeback.

To be honest, the fact that it’s being done in somewhat of an ironic manner actually makes it pretty cute. I sort of want one now myself.

A professional pet photographer, Danielle Spires, has brought back the double exposure portraits but given them a very charming twist. The owner of Cat Party Pet Portraits has been using the amusing style of photography to create feature photos of people with their pets in them. They actually have quite nice results.

Spires shared with Bored Panda that she was inspired to create the series after she suffered the heartbreak of losing one of her own cats back in 2018. That year, both her cats Noguchi and Panton had ended up being diagnosed with different forms of cancer. While Panton was able to survive thyroid cancer, Noguchi sadly passed away from lymphoma. Not only was she reeling from the grief of losing her precious fur baby, but she was also nearly $24k in debt from vet bills. Not knowing what else to do, the photographer took a leap of faith and decided to pursue the photography that made her feel good – quirky pet pictures.

That is when her portrait business turned into a pet portrait business that relied on a sense of silliness. And the results were quite charming. Not only is she able to give her clients a lasting memory with their cherished animals, but they also get a laugh out of it as well.

Check out some of her portraits below:

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