What This Pit Bull Does When His Owner Plays His Favorite Song On The Guitar Is The SWEETEST!

This adorable, loving Pit Bull really loves his owner and appreciates when he plays him a song on his guitar. Watch as Doogie the Pit hangs over his owner’s shoulders as he strums away. It looks as if the music is very relaxing to this mushy pup. He just lies there draped over his hooman’s shoulders without moving an inch, looking as if he could fall asleep right then and there to the soothing music.

That is, until his owner starts singing words like “cookie” and “outside.” Doogie recognizes the words and starts to get excited, licking all over his owner’s face. Who said Pit bulls were vicious? Doogie proves every bad rap wrong in this sweet video! It’s also so great to see how much people love their pets!

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