This Doodle Helps Reveal His Tough Biker Dad’s Soft Side. And It Will Melt Your Heart!

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A man on a motorcycle always seems to be “tough” no matter what. This man on his motorcycle, equipped with a Hulk Hogan mustache and Harley Davidson vest, may come across as tough at first glance. But as you watch the video, you’ll soon find out that he’s the furthest thing from tough, he’s actually a dog-loving, big mush!

His giant fluffy Doodle, Smokey, is sitting behind him on the motorcycle, wearing adorable little goggles. When they call his name, he puts his head over one of his biker dad’s shoulder and his arm around the other. He gives him a nice long cuddle and it literally melts my heart to soup! He takes the pup’s goggles off and then the dog snuggles him again as he feeds him some treats. You can tell these two have a special friendship!

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