When It’s Time For Nap Time, This Doodle Has The Perfect Companion That Does THIS To Help Him Relax!

This adorable doodle is taking a snooze on the floor when his little furry feline friend comes over to give him a massage. Floyd the cat completely stands on top of him and starts kneading the doodle’s fur on his back.

At first the doodle doesn’t move or even seem to notice that Floyd is on top of him, but then he rolls his body over a little and lifts up his left as if he’s saying “yes, that’s the spot!” At the end, the doodle rearranges his sleeping position to the cutest one possible, and lies on his legs as if they were a pillow. At the same time, Floyd the kitty lies down on the pup as if HE were a pillow!

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Source: Dog receives professional massage from cat by floydthelion on Rumble

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