This Doodle Tries To Play Fetch With Two Identical Tiny Humans…

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This Labradoodle REALLY wants to play fetch. And how convenient it is that his two six-month-old twin human siblings are sitting outside with him. He decides it’s a great idea for them to play fetch with him. But then he realizes that maybe that idea won’t work out after all. It takes him some time to realize this though, and the moments in the meantime are adorable!!

The pup dropped his toy onto one of the babies laps and waited for her to throw the ball to him, but no such luck. Then he picked it back up and placed it in the other babies lap. Then he stood back and stared at them, patiently waiting for them to start playing with him. He kept giving the ball back and forth to each baby and just didn’t understand the whole ‘babies can’t throw balls’ thing. At the end, his big human finally plays with him and we get to experience some of this pup’s talent. The man throws the big beach ball to him and the doodle hits it back to him each time with his nose like a volleyball. What a cute pup!

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